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I want to check given node is exist or not in *.xml file. I try:

 string language = node.SelectSingleNode("language") != null ? (node.SelectSingleNode("language").Value == "en" ? "en-US" : "en-US") : "en-US";

But I think its check only for node value.In some xml file I haven't node called language So its gives a Null Reference Ex... How to check Given node is exist or not in *.xml file? Thanks.

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Result is always "en-US", so string language = "en-US" does the same! – weston Aug 17 '12 at 11:40
The only way I can see that code would throw a NullReferenceException would be if node itself were null. Please can you confirm that is your exact code, that node is not null, and that it's definitely this line of code that is throwing the exception? – RB. Aug 17 '12 at 11:40
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Something is null. You are checking the selected "language" node for null, so is node itself null?

Spread the code out over more lines, nested ?: code is not easy to follow and you have had to repeat default values and function calls.

Use variables, such as one for node.SelectSingleNode("language") so you don't do that twice. And this will help you find the bug.

string language = "en-US"; //default
  var langNode = node.SelectSingleNode("language");
    //now look at langNode.Value, and overwrite language variable, maybe you wanted:
    if(langNode.Value != "en")
       language = langNode.Value;
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