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Hi, I am using jQuery Isotope to mock-up an e-commerce template for further use.

Isotope is simple but they have not outlined how one creates a filter for custom ranges for certain data.

For example, I may want to filter the products based on the price range so products priced from 100-200 become one filter, products priced from 200-300 become another and so forth.

Basically I want to have multiple filters for price and define the specific values each filter can have.

How can I accomplish this?

Code Examples

I am using the standard JS code as is written in the isotope documentation:

    var $container = $('#list');

     itemSelector : '#list li',
     masonry : {
              columnWidth : 1
     getSortData : {
          price : function( $elem ) {
         return parseInt( $elem.find('.price').text(), 10 );


The html is basically

 <ul id="list">

   <li class=="item">
     <span class="price">555</price>

    <li class=="item">
     <span class="price">222</price>



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You can do this quite nicely by looking here at user hdias' first comment if you scroll down a bit. Basically, you need a simple conditional for your price range and then pass a jQuery object to the filter option.

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So, did the answer lead you to the desired solution? –  Systembolaget Sep 23 '12 at 22:24

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