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On my page I append a div with class container to #grid (a div).

Now i wish to "do something" when I scroll this container div.

I've tried this code, but it didn't work:

  //do something


  //do something
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you want to put "do something" on screen? If so you should at least alert it or something like that... –  Daniel van Dommele Aug 17 '12 at 11:51

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Try this code....

$('#grid div.container').unbind('scroll');
$('#grid div.container').bind('scroll', function(e) {
//Do something 
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Normally you need to scroll on either the window, or some sort of div/etc that has overflow:scroll, aka, has a scrollbar itself (like an iFrame for example). It seems like you're applying it randomly to a class of things. Try appending it to the window.

$(window).scroll(function () { 
    alert("we're scrolling");

jsFiddle DEMO w/ a div #id

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