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I'm working on maven application. I'm using JPA and EJB. I need to connect a JDBC connection pool for Selenium-WebDriver test case. Since I want to use a separate DataBase for testing.

How can I specify the Connection pool to use when testing using Selenium-WebDriver? Is there any configuration required? In domain.xml i can configure the attributes for the Connection pool such as "Database name", "port", "user name", "password" etc. But I want to know how can I call this Connection pool?

Its urgent Can anyone help me?

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Keep your database connection settings separate from selenium-webdriver code. There is no need to couple JPA/EJB connection pools with selenium code. If required create own framework to perform database operations with selenium-webdriver.

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Ok Satish. I can test the application using Selenium without connection pools. But It takes my main database. If I insert a record for testing purpose. It replicates in the database. But we should not have testing values in my main database know. For this case I need to access other database if possible. Is there anyway to do this? – Prince Aug 18 '12 at 10:19
In case of production database i have created a test account for performing user level operations in database. In my case there were some records but you are looking for a complete database. I think you can send some extra request parameters to web-application in case of selenium requests, so that you can recognize the request type and perform on the basis of this. – Satish Pandey Aug 18 '12 at 13:54

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