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I have a Document class which has a User Property which is the User who owns the document, but also I have a User List. Users which have access to the document. I am trying to create a query which will return documents which either I own or I have access to.

IList<Document> results = UnitOfWork.CurrentSession.CreateCriteria(typeof(Document))
                .SetFirstResult(pageSize * page)

This above is what I have tried so far but to no avail. The structure of the Document class, shortened is:

public class Document : DomainObject<Document>{
     public Document(){
          UserList = new List<User>();
     public virtual User Owner{get;set;}
     public virtual IList<User> UserList{get;set;}

I appreciate any guidance on this!!




declare @UserID uniqueidentifier

set @UserID = '37f7a55f-84c9-461b-a5b2-b412fe96932b'

select * from [Document] s
where s.UserID = @UserID
or exists(select * from DocumentUser su where su.userid = @UserID)
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Can you please post the SQL that would return what you want ? .

I'm thinking there is a subquery in there - a detached criteria might help in that case. Then adding it to the ICriteria like : Add(Subqueries....)

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Thanks for the feedback. The above would mean that UserList is a property of Owner, but UserList is a Property of Document. I get that as an error too. could not resolve property: UserList of: uk.co.andrewrea.BusinessLogic.Domain.Owner –  REA_ANDREW Jul 29 '09 at 17:01
I have updated it with an example sql I am looking to recreate –  REA_ANDREW Jul 29 '09 at 17:35

I did it!

Thanks for your help! That last comment you made and asking me for the sql made me looked at it again clear: Here is the solution:

    var detached = DetachedCriteria.For<Document>()

    IList<Document> results = UnitOfWork.CurrentSession.CreateCriteria(typeof(Document),"s")
        .Add(Restrictions.Or(Restrictions.Eq("u.Id", obj.Id), Subqueries.Exists(detached)))
        .SetFirstResult(pageSize * page)
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Glad you made it work :) . I just made a small sample app and came up with the exact same thing - you just beat me to it :P –  sirrocco Jul 29 '09 at 17:52
I appreciate your time!! :-) –  REA_ANDREW Jul 29 '09 at 17:54

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