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I want to watch my jade files and compile them, but it appears it does not work

jade client/jade --watch --out public

When I change client/jade/draft.jade it does not re-compile. I saw a post, saying it does not work with directories? Is it not fixed yet? Is there a workaround or something? Must I watch all files manually?


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Wait a second? Why do your Jade-Files have a Stylus extension? – Amberlamps Aug 17 '12 at 12:26
@Amberlamps, ops thats a typo, the actual file is draft.jade – Jiew Meng Aug 17 '12 at 13:02

What you have now says "watch the directory for changes". If you add or remove a file from the directory, it will recompile all the files. However, because it is only watching the directory (which is really just a file itself) and not the files in the directory, changing one of the files will not trigger a compile.

To watch all jade files in client/jade

$ jade --watch client/jade/*.jade --out public

This doesn't truly watch the directory, it just expands the jade command to watch all jade files present when you start, rather than having to type them all out. If you add a file after beginning the watch, then you'll need to restart it.

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