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I need a vector image of a Wikipedia navbox. Unfortunately, Inkscape can't open the HTML file, and neither Opera nor Chromium can save the page as SVG. Googling, googling, and yet more googling turned up nothing; in particular, 'HTML2svg' seems to mean functionality where the HTML 'talks to' an SVG image inside it. Does anybody how to turn HTML into SVG, either the entire page or a div on the page? I need the styled HTML, CSS and all.

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Good question, but I doubt there is anything out there for this. It would depend on Webkit, or some other engine, being able to output in some vector form. I suspect it outputs straight raster, but am not sure of the internals. –  Brad Aug 17 '12 at 12:34
Maybe render the page to a pdf, and then to an svg? It will depend on how the browser renders the page to a pdf. Some will actually insert text, others will render it to and image and place that into the pdf. Worth a shot though. –  xthexder Aug 17 '12 at 13:59
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I managed to find a website that will do the conversion for you. All you have to do is paste the HTML in between line breaks and it does the rest. The URL is: http://www.hiqpdf.com/demo/ConvertHtmlToSvg.aspx

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I don't fully follow what you're attempting to do, but have been working with SVG a lot the past few weeks so I thought I'd chime in. SVG, scaleable vector graphics, have been around for a very long time; however, browser support for them has just recently begun to surface. Right now there is almost no support for anything dynamic with an SVG – you can place an SVG, even use it as a bg element for navigation, but that's about it. (unless you bring in heavy on-the-fly coding)

But you're trying to convert something from HTML to SVG, which I don't understand since HTML is a markup language and SVG is a XML based graphical language, I'd be interested to see what you come up with! Presently, I feel your inquiry for SVG may be like mine was: not possible, yet.

Good luck!

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Welcome to Stack Overflow, and thanks for having a shot at answering my question! Have an upvote, that should get rid of your ‘new user’ restrictions. As for why HTML->SVG makes sense: both HTML+CSS and SVG do much the same thing, namely "place these elements here, relative to the other elements, and style them like so". With HTML it's text and boxes, with SVG it's curves; but since SVGs can contain text, there is no reason one shouldn't be able to describe a rendered HTML page using the SVG format. After all, one can export/print to the PDF format, too. So, that's what I'm trying to do. –  Esteis Aug 20 '12 at 9:24
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Tried xthexder's advice: printing to file. (And then converting PDF to SVG.) I tried Opera, Firefox, and Chromium under Linux; overview below. Real pity about Opera's bugs.

I've made this answer community wiki; additions for other OSes welcome.

Opera 11.61 (Linux)

  • supports printing to SVG(!), PDF, and PS
  • uses author style sheet (unless you choose a different style sheet from the View menu, or disable CSS)
  • With PDF and PS output, no text is put in the file! This is v. strange and must be a bug.
  • If I choose SVG output, Opera produce a .svg file but writes PostScript code in it. :-(

Firefox 11.0 (Linux)

  • supports printing to PDF and PS
  • ignores author style sheet, prints in black and white
  • Uses DejaVu Serif font in a somewhat large size

Chromium 17 (Linux)

  • supports printing to PDF only
  • ignores author style sheet, prints in black and white
  • Uses Times New Roman
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Opera doesn't itself produce SVG output when printing, but the printer driver (not controlled by Opera) may translate the drawing commands and allow saving to different file formats e.g svg. –  Erik Dahlström Aug 20 '12 at 11:17
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You can try wkhtmltoimage It can convert HTML to SVG and many different formats

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