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We have a query in excel sheet (returning data from mysql) which is based out of a database, see below a sample DSN:


This works satisfactorily as long as it is from multiple tables but from a single DB.

Is it possible to get data in an Excel sheet by having a query from 2 databases?

I can create 2 separate DSNs, 2 separate queries, but the challenge is: if there is a common field (unrelated) on these 2 DBs, can we have 1 query and 1 data returned? can the whole of it done without any manual copy-paste involved? If it was Oracle I heard DBLinks could help , but doesn't seem to be available in MySQL. Update I was looking for more like:

SELECT A.*, B.* FROM db1.table1 A LEFT JOIN db2.table1 B ON A.id = B.id

Not sure if this kind of references are possible. Even though by query it will work, I am not sure how to define a DSN for this.

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You can access table of another db like


Have this as a procedure in myDB and call it from myDB

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