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I am using JPA named queries for Loading a Lazy Loaded DataTable. and setting first and Max results as shown below.

Query query = entityManager.createNamedQuery("StudyplanCategory.findByStatusAndLimit");
int end=(start*pageNumber);
query.setParameter("status", status);
query.setParameter("start", start);
query.setParameter("end", end);
query.setMaxResults(end - start);

The load method is given below:

public List<StudyplanCategory> load(int first, int pageSize, String sortField, SortOrder sortOrder, Map<String,String> filters) {  
                List<StudyplanCategory> data = new ArrayList<StudyplanCategory>();
                //System.out.println("Page First Value:"+first+"PageSize Value:"+pageSize);
                for(StudyplanCategory studyplanCategory : datasource) {  
                    boolean match = true;  
                    for(Iterator<String> it = filters.keySet().iterator(); it.hasNext();) {  
                        try {  
                            String filterProperty =;  
                            String filterValue = filters.get(filterProperty).toLowerCase();  
                            String fieldValue = String.valueOf(studyplanCategory.getClass().getDeclaredField(filterProperty).get(studyplanCategory)).toLowerCase();  
                            if(filterValue == null || fieldValue.startsWith(filterValue)) {  
                                match = true;  
                            else {  
                                match = false;  
                        } catch(Exception e) {  
                            match = false;  
                            System.out.println("The Exception occured at"+e);

                    if(match) {  

                if(sortField != null) {  
                    Collections.sort(data, new LazySorter(sortField, sortOrder));  

                int dataSize = data.size();  

                if(dataSize > pageSize) {  
                    try {  
                        return data.subList(first, first + pageSize);  
                    catch(IndexOutOfBoundsException e) {  
                        return data.subList(first, first + (dataSize % pageSize));  
                else {  
                    return data;  

But when the table is loaded Next Buttons are not active because I am loading only those data required to load the first page. How can I Solve this.

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Have you implemented a LazyDataModel? – flash Aug 17 '12 at 12:42
the snippet of the code you posted here is not the code of the answer in your previous question..… also you are not including the code that is actually related with this problem: the managed bean code where you call jpa query (and probably override LazyDataModel methods) – Damian Aug 17 '12 at 13:09
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You need to fire another query which sets the total rowcount. Basically, in LazyDataModel#load():

public List<StudyplanCategory> load(...) {
    return studyplanCategoryService.list(...);

Unrelated to the concrete problem, you should actually be using Query#setFirstResult() to set the first record index.

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Thanks Have posted another question on using count(s) or count(*) in JPA QL.Please check. – Praveen V Aug 18 '12 at 8:52

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