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Can labels for address location be placed in middle of assembly language program? Like

         ORG 100
100      LDA SUB
101      CMA
102 SUB, DEC -23
103      INC
104      ADD MIN
105 MIN, DEC 83
106      STA DIF
107 DIF, HEX 0
108      HLT
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I suppose this depends on your assembler, but using nasm, fasm, yasm, masm and gnu as, yes you can and you typically use labels for jmp targets etc.

Specifically, a normal label is similar in use to static functions in C.

In NASM, those you mark with global labelname are exported from the object and can be referenced from other compilation units and linked up by a linker.

The syntax for nasm would be:

global myfunc





    jne myotherlabel

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