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When I toggle the colortheme in vim from the dark to the light background, I'd also like to switch the termtrans option to off (and back on again), since I cannot change the background-color of the terminal. How can I accomplish this?

Context: I did set my terminal to the solarized colour palette with the dark background and transparency. I often code in vim with the solarized colortheme, also with the dark option. Since my terminal is transparent, I did set the option for transparent backgrounds. I like to write non-code text with the light color option. Therefore I can quickly toggle the color with the -Key. However, since termtrans has been set, the dark color of the terminal shows through and the terminal is not light at all then.

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What OS? What terminal? –  Conner Aug 17 '12 at 12:55
gnome-terminal under Fedora, Terminal.app and iTerm2.app under Mac OS X.6/7/8, but that should not matter: Since the activation of the background-color drawing of the solarized theme will overpaint the terminal background in any case. The question is how to switch the termtrans option. –  AME Aug 17 '12 at 13:49

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You can indeed change your terminal settings. But it's simpler to ask for a light solarized theme again.

map your toggle to (I assume you use to toggle): map <F5> :set background=light<CR>:let solarized_termtrans=0<CR>:colorscheme solarized<CR>

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