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I get the following error when trying to load a large db into linqpad. I can connect to smaller dbs on the same server, but not this larger one. This DB is a Dynamics GP database. Not the actual DYNAMICS one, but the default 'TWO' one.


Type "LINQPad.User.TypedDataContext' from assembly 'TypedDataContext_iuhmuv. Version=, Culture=neutral PublicKeyToken=null'

contrain more methods than the current implementation allows.

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The CLR imposes a hard limit of ushort.MaxValue - 15 methods per class. It's unlikely that any database would have more tables than this, but I have encountered databases with a ridiculous number of stored procedures. It is possible that your database has more than 65K stored procedures / functions?

If so, you can tell LINQPad not to create methods for them by editing the connection (right-click, Properties) and untick the 'Include Stored Procedures and Functions' checkbox.

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Thanks that worked. –  joe Aug 20 '12 at 11:54

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