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I am interested in fetching all data available on this page (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/insights/) with Facebook API. Is it possible to get raw data to use with my own graphing tools?

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Yes. You can query the insights table using either the Graph API or FQL.

The insights documentation is not very clear, and in FQL especially, you need to manually ask for data points one period at a time. The FQL documentation is worth reading even if you're using the API since it defines all the different metrics which are available.

Visit the Graph API Explorer, get an access token with the Extended Permission read_insights and type /PAGE_ID_OR_USERNAME/insights into the search box. You'll see a bit of what is available.

You can drill down by adding parameters to the end of the url. For instance /PAGE_ID_OR_USERNAME/insights/page_fan_adds_unique/day?since=-1 month gets you a json object with the unique page fan adds each day for about the past month.

You are only able to get insights data for a page where you have admin rights.

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