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How can I check if the remove-method of a Mongoose model really has removed something?

MyModel.remove({_id: myId}, function(err, entry) {
  if(entry == null) next(new Error("ID was not found."));    // this doesn't work

Can I check how many documents were removed?

In the Mongo-Documentation kristina1 write in a comment:

If you call db.runCommand({getLastError:1}) after a remove and the "n" field will tell you how many documents were deleted.

But I don't know how to do this with Mongoose.

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The second parameter to the remove callback is a number containing the number of documents removed.

MyModel.remove({_id: myId}, function(err, numberRemoved) {
  if(numberRemoved === 0) next(new Error("ID was not found."));
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So weird that Mongoose documentation doesn't have this parameter. +1 –  Afshin Mehrabani 4 hours ago
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