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My app consists of 3 tabs, each tab has a DGV, tab 1 and 2 do not contain that much data within the DGV but in tab 3 it can be between 100-5000 rows

The problem im having is that when i start my app, and move to tab 3 it takes a while before anything is displayed..

Im looking for a way to display a loading form to the user while the data is being added to the DGV..

How would i accomplish something like this?

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Start loading data on a background thread and monitor the progress(displayed as progress bar).If you are doing it on main thread than you'll hang your interface.

Theres one good article but it is in VB.

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Long running operations should be running in a seperate worker thread, commonly BackgroundWorker class. This prevents the UI from locking up during said operation. You can also choose to display a loading dialogue while this thread runs.

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The other answers here are correct. But since you specifically asked about a loading window, I remembered a very nice example in Code Project.

In a project I was involved with, we took this example and made it independent. We added static methods called Start and Stop, and the Start method would create a thread, and then load the window, while the Stop method signaled the form it needs to close gracefully.

Hope this helps!

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