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what part of my code is incorrect. It keeps rejecting the statment and won't run the code

if(!is_numeric($InvAMT) OR $ItemNM='0' OR $InvAMT='A0' OR $SuppUN=='')
     // Run the Code

PS: I tried replacing the ORs with || also putting each condition into separate parentheses, neither worked.

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$ItemNM = '0' != $ItemNM == 0.... – oopbase Aug 17 '12 at 14:39

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You need two equals signs in the comparison, otherwise you're doing an assignment:

$ItemNM == '0'

So the full expression would be:

if( !is_numeric($InvAMT) OR $ItemNM == '0' OR $InvAMT == 'A0' OR $SuppUN == '')
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Yeah, I saw it right after posting it. sorry for that – Clipper 20 Aug 17 '12 at 14:42


if(!is_numeric($InvAMT) OR $ItemNM=='0' OR $InvAMT=='A0' OR $SuppUN=='')

You got the comparison right in the final check, but used the assignment operator for the first two.

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Nevermind, I forgot to add the second '=' in my statement

if(!is_numeric($InvAMT) or $ItemNM=='' or $InvAMT=='A0' or $SuppUN=='')
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