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I have a simple nant build file in which I want to delete files in some directory and directories in another directory:

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <project name="maintenance">
      <include buildfile="common.properties" />
    <target name="clean">  
       <script language="C#">              
                 <import namespace="System.Diagnostics" />

   public static void DeleteUnusedFilesAndFolders(Project project) {

    var screensDirectory = new DirectoryInfo(@"${failed.screens.dir}");
    var testsResultsDirectory = new DirectoryInfo(@"${results.dir}");
    var _7daysAgoDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-7);
    foreach (var file in screensDirectory.GetFiles())
         if (file.CreationTime.CompareTo(_7daysAgoDate) == -1)
            project.Log(Level.Info, "Delete file: " + file.Name);
            file.IsReadOnly = false;

     foreach (var dir in testsResultsDirectory.GetDirectories())
             if (dir.CreationTime.CompareTo(_7daysAgoDate) == -1)
                  project.Log(Level.Info, "Delete directory: " + dir.Name);
                  catch (Exception exception)
                      Console.WriteLine("Caught exception: "+exception.Message);


When I run this nant file it writes that 'Build success' but nothing happens. What I missed?

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I found a simple solution - use an echo:

<echo message="Calling function: ${Cleaning::DeleteUnusedFilesAndFolders()}"/>

Before that you should define prefix:

<project name="maintenance" prefix="Cleaning">
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