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In Visual Studio, we're using the click-to-publish thingy... is it possible to write a plugin or somehow give a confirmation dialog when you click publish to make sure that's what you want to do? don't want people accidentally overwriting production

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I don't know is it possible to turn this on by default, but if not - at first you need to understand how VS does this. Probably this is some msbuild targets file (msbuild task) which has some settings like "Publish = True/False". So what you can do - is to create a new msbuild task which you will invoke before the Publish task (you can try to add this task to your project file). In your task you will check if "Publish = True" - you will show message box "Do you want to publish?" and if somebody will click No, you just need to override "Publish" value in msbuild to False. I think this should work.

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I don't know of any plugin which can do this.

One approach to mitigate the risks would be to create multiple configurations combined with multiple publish profiles:


  • configurations: Debug_Development, Release_Development, Release_Production where, using web.config transforms, set different settings for connection strings, app settings, etc. (a nice introduction to web.config transforms, and not only, can be found here)
  • publish profiles: debug_development, release_development and release_production, each of them with different ftp settings (if you deploy via ftp) and each of them connected to the corresponding configuration
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