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I am trying to capture web service response via Groovy client, I have to check for duplicate header keys in response. I am capturing response headers using messageExchage.responseHeaders(), but since it returns map, It gives me each key only once, even though it is present twice in a response. is there a way to get this in Array or some other data structure ?

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rawResponseAsString = new String( messageExchange.getRawResponseData()) rawResponseAsString
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thank you Martin – Manth Aug 20 '12 at 21:47

How are you accessing the web service? If you use the groovy HttpBuilder, you can iterate through the headers, duplicates keys included:

new HTTPBuilder('http://webservice/').with {
    request(Method.GET) {
        uri.path = '/'
        response.success = { resp ->
            assert resp.status == 200
            resp.headers.each {
                println "${}: ${it.value}"
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I am accessing web service using soapUI tool, and then adding this groovy script as a part of assertion. So the only way to access header is via messageExchange object. – Manth Aug 17 '12 at 19:21

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