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In the


table I have all new items (from external source) ~ about 500k rows. It has one column:


In the


table I have all current items (also from external source) ~ about 500k rows. It has one column:


I must get only the new items from synchro_newitems:

(NEW ITEMS) = synchro_newitems (-) synchro_olditems

I tried do that by insert the differences to the 3rd table:

INSERT INTO `synchro_diff` (`id`) 
SELECT DISTINCT new_ids FROM synchro_newitems 
synchro_olditems ON synchro_newitems.new_ids = synchro_olditems.old_ids 
WHERE synchro_olditems.old_ids IS NULL

(similarly with "NOT IN")

It's works for small amount of rows. But fails when there are 500 000 rows to compare.

I've tried simple:

DELETE FROM synchro_newitems WHERE exists(SELECT * FROM synchro_olditems)

But it dosent work.. Do you know some smart method to do that?

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This is a weirdness of mysql queries. Try this:

select distinct new_ids
from synchro_newitems n
where not exists (select 1 from synchro_olditems o where n.new_ids = old.old_ids)

This optimizes better. And, better yet, put an index on o.old_ids to make it go blazing fast.

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amazing! of course should be where n.new_ids = o.old_ids ;-) but It works great! –  quardas Oct 18 '12 at 19:59

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