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I have a collection that looks like so:

    "_id" : ObjectId("foo-1"),
    "status" : "good",
    "value" : "100.00"

    "_id" : ObjectId("foo-2"),
    "status" : "good",
    "value" : "100.00"

I'd like to get two things:

  • Total "value" of all objects
  • Total "value of all objects with particular status

Here are my map/reduce functions:

var map = function () {
    emit("total", {sum: this.value )) 

var reduce = function (key, values) {
    var result = {sum:0};
    values.forEach(function (value) {result.sum += value.value;});
    return result;

var t = db.leads.mapReduce(map, reduce, {out : "total"});

The output of the above is:

PRIMARY> db[t.result].find();
{ "_id" : "total", "value" : { "sum" : NaN } }

Why is "sum" coming back NaN?

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In your reduce function-

{result.sum += value.value;}

But you're emitting documents with a "sum" field. Try:

{result.sum += value.sum;}
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