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I am trying to create a route inside of some Javascript inside of a Twig template and need to use a JS variable as a value to a route parameter.


window.location.href = {{ path('post_display', { 'id': this_is_where_i_need_to_use_the_js_var }) }};

I am using the Silex framework and am unsure if FOS JS works for Silex. I don't think it does, though.

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You may be interested in the FOSJsRoutingBundle - stackoverflow.com/a/7626995/276648 –  user276648 Jul 14 '14 at 6:20

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Twig, since it's written in php, runs on the server, completely separately than the javascript code, so what you want needs a workaround.

First, generate the route, but with a placeholder, then replace that with the value of your variable when neccessary:

var route = "{{ path('post_display', { 'id': "PLACEHOLDER" }) }}";
window.location = route.replace("PLACEHODER", js_variable);

Something like this should work for you.

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