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I am having an odd problem with my PIC16F88. I have an EEPROM connected thru I2C and it works flawlessly until I write to portb.bit6. From that point on, I start getting garbage from my EEPROM. I tried explicitly disabling Timer 1, which uses portb.6 for oscillator-out but that did not help. I tried cutting the trace from the PIC pin (pin 12) so that there is nothing physically connected to it and that did not help. My C code is simple, either portb.6 = 0 or portb.6 = 1. Either way, reading the EEPROM thru I2C fails forever more. The generated ASM code looks fine. The problem occurs on every board that I have tried it on, so it is not localized to one PCB. I am mystified. Any suggestions?

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It turns out that it is necessary to write a zero bit to the SCL and SDA pins every time before writing to any bit in portb. FWIW, I was bit-banging rather than using the SSP peripheral of the PIC16F88 for the I2C communicaitons. Thanks to the people on the Yahoo group, Electronics_101, for figuring out this puzzle.

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