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I have 3 tables, a,b,c

It is possible to add left join for two table select add 3rd table by left join:


SELECT * from a,b where  a.x=b.x and a.z=b.z and b.y>0 

(there I need select only that records where I can found exact matches by that rules)

now I want add some fields from 3rd table, but there are possible situation that 3rd table may not contain data for some table a,b records. As I understand I can use left join ?

I How can select something this:

SELECT a.*,b.*, c.Q from a,b where  a.x=b.x and a.z=b.z and b.y>0  left join c on a.x=c.x 
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If you don't like writing INNER JOINs:

SELECT a.*,b.*, c.Q 
FROM (a,b)  
ON a.x=c.x 
WHERE a.x=b.x and a.z=b.z and b.y>0
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The inner join syntax is generally accepted the more appropriate way of joining tables, especially when using multiple joins (because of readability). However, performance-wise I believe they are are similar. –  Holger Brandt Aug 17 '12 at 16:37
thank you for replies guys ! All works perfect now. –  valterriann Aug 17 '12 at 17:00
SELECT a.*,b.*, c.Q 
  ON a.x=b.x AND a.z=b.z AND b.y>0
  ON a.x=c.x
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