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When I getImageData() from a canvas, I get an ImageData object, with a Data sub-object, which is a clamped array. I want to check if every pixel I get is white (and not transparent). In other words, I want to check if every value in the data object is equal to 255. The obvious code would be the following:

if (data.every(function(value) {return value == 255})) {
    //Do something

But for some reason it won't work in clamped arrays, as the following minimal code shows:

var DATA = new Uint8ClampedArray(3);
//var DATA = new Array

DATA[0] = 255
DATA[1] = 255
DATA[2] = 255
DATA[3] = 255

alert(DATA.every(function(value) {return value == 255}))

Any solutions? Thanks!

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You could extend the prototype of Uint8ClampedArray with an every() function, which can be taken from the Array prototype; then your code will work fine.

Uint8ClampedArray.prototype.every = Array.prototype.every;

I guess this is the easiest way to do it, but note that it will break the for ... in loop (which shouldn't be used to iterate over arrays anyway...).

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You can use the Array method via .call():

alert([].every.call(DATA, function(v) { return v === 255; }));

It doesn't work the way you wrote it because there's no .every() on the Uint8ClampedArray prototype.

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