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I'm trying to write an Rspec request spec using Capybara. It seems that everything is working correctly except that Capybara sees the page as blank.

Good signs:

  • The page loads fine in a browser
  • Tailing the log shows that the correct view is rendered during the test run
  • Any logging statements I put in the views are executed
  • If I use assert_select "h1", :text => "hello world", the test passes.

Bad signs:

  • If I use page.should have_content('hello world'), it fails, saying Capybara::ElementNotFound: Unable to find xpath "/html"
  • If I do $stdout.puts page.html, it's empty except for a doctype

My test looks something like this:

describe "working with foos" do
  it "should have a 'new foo' form" do
    get '/foos/new'
    assert_select 'h1', text: 'hello world' # passes
    page.should have_content('hello world') # fails
    $stdout.puts page.html                  # empty except for a doctype

What could be wrong here?

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The forehead-slapping answer

... which I'm sharing to save others the same pain.

Capybara uses the visit method to set up its page variable.

visit '/assembly/manage/task_lists/new'

Don't use get with Capybara:

get '/assembly/manage/task_lists/new'
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