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I'm using MercurialEclipse 2.0.0 in STS 2.9.2. When I attempt to synchronize a project with its central repository, it works for some projects, but for other projects nothing happens - the Synchronize view does not appear, nor does an error message. I can do "Synchronize With..." and choose the repository every time, but that's cumbersome. What's different between the projects that would cause this behavior?

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I think this is happening with multiple people.
Resolution TBD.

For now, an explicit "Synchronize With..." that brings up the explicit dialog is the safest bet.

Team/Synchronize question
Pinned synchronizations lost in MercurialEclipse 2.0

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Open up the Mercurial Repositories view. Right click on the central repository that your local repo was cloned from-->Properties. Fill in the login/password fields if they're blank (strange, though, because in our central repos credentials aren't required until you actually push). Re-try the synchronize.

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