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I'm really new to javascript, so sorry for my ignorance. In jeditables, you can specify a callback function. I'm using all this code in a separate script. Is there a way to pass variables into this callback function? for example: var info = "foo";

    callback : function(value, settings) {
        var foobar = value + info;
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var info = "foo";
    function(value, settings) {
        var foobar = value + info;

You should read up on javascript scoping.

What I did above is not usually the way to go since info is now in the global scope.

Side point:

You can even move you callback to a completely different location:

var info = "foo", 
    callBackFn = function(v, s){
         var foobar = v + info;
$('#bar').editable("/foo/bar",  callBackFn);
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Yes, I really do. I'm reading up on that now. Thanks for the help. – user197674 Aug 17 '12 at 18:31

You can also assign attributes to the "settings" object as follows:

$(".myClass").editable( "/foo/bar",
    indicator: "Saving...",
    tooltip: "Click to edit",
    onblur: "submit",
    bax: bax
function(value, settings) {
    var foobar = value + settings.bax;

Inside your handler, you can see the use of the reference to the object by simply stating settings.bax

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