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I have to retrieve the history of a user and I have 4 tables whose data depend on each other.I can retrieve the data using loops,but I instead used the "where IN ()" clause and I implode the output of the previous query.However,if the list I provide to "where IN()" is empty it return an error.Is it that IN() cannot be empty?

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What have your tried... right now you are leaving us guessing and scratching our heads.... –  Neal Aug 17 '12 at 18:21

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When imploding an array for the IN clause, i do one of two things

1: Check if you even need to run the query at all

if(!empty($some_array)) {
    //run mysql query
else {
   // if you need to do something if the array is empty, such as error or set some defaults, do it here

2: A value in the array initiliser which is not ever in the database (for example, if im selecting based on a auto incrememnt id, i use zero as a default array value to stop any issues with empty data sets, as zero will never be in my id column).

$some_array = array(0);
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You can add an empty value to the start, such as IN (0,your values here)

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+1 Just make sure the fake value used will never occur in the real data –  Michael Berkowski Aug 17 '12 at 18:22

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