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jQuery - count number of rows in a table

I am creating an HTML document via XSLT and XML. The main area of the page will contain a table full of alpha numeric data in 3 columns

[Column 1]              [Column 2]      [Column 3]

The issue is that the table can contain as few as 5 rows but as many as 40 rows. I need to put a thin solid border around the div (line-item-info). I know that jQuery can be used to set the height of a DIV after the page has been loaded.

My question is:

Is it possible to set the height of the border at run time? The aforementioned link works with tables, but what about DIV's?

My XSLT template contains the following definition:

<div id="line-item-info">
    <div class="bold itemColumns" style="width: 75px;">&nbsp</div>
    <div class="bold itemColumns" style="width: 325px;">Description</div>
    <div class="bold itemColumns" style="width: 150px;">Qty</div><br />

            <!-- this is each row //-->
    <div class="itemColumns" style="width: 75px;">&nbsp</div>
    <div class="itemColumns" style="width: 325px;">Office Call</div>
    <div class="itemColumns" style="width: 150px;">11.00</div>

I haven't put in the xsl yet in the row, but this is a sample mockup of what one row would look like.



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Hi, do you want to set #line-item-info{border-width:2px} via javascript/jQuery? jsfiddle.net/n3kFa –  Stano Aug 17 '12 at 19:57

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you can, with jQuery, set a class, or a specific style to what ever element you want.

see http://api.jquery.com/addClass/ see http://api.jquery.com/css/

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