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We had been using an older version of JWPlayer and the vimeo plugin w/o issue for a year or so, but it just stopped working. So, now I'm trying to move to the latest versions of both...but I can't get them to work either.

I've been trying to get this plugin (https://sourceforge.net/projects/jwplayervimeo/) to work with the latest JWPlayer (5.10)

Here is my test, but it just spins and never plays the video


Did something change on Vimeo's end recently that is causing this?

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I fixed an issue that was bugging me for 2 hours, only thanks to your post. So thanks a lot (especially for keeping that link up)! A good thing would be, if you ever plan to take the page down, to post the JavaScript code here, in your post. Maybe it will help others. Thanks! –  AdrianMar Jan 18 '13 at 14:24

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for whatever reason, this plugin just started working again...must have been an intermittent issue with Vimeo

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