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I am debugging with KDevelop4 which is not showing Types always in its variables window and also Its showing {...} instead of unfolding the data. Is there any way to unfold ? and see types of all variables ?

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KDevelop supports gdb pretty printers for prettier showing variable contents. If matrix is your own class you can write a pretty printer yourself. If you use some library you might find pretty printers for it - or write one yourself too.

Note that gdb pretty printers also work when debugging gdb cli.

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forget about matrix. its just an std::map and _connection is just an std::vector and I don't need pretty printer. It would be enough to see the unpretty output. but {...} means no output at all –  Neel Basu Oct 14 '12 at 15:49
std::map should be supported. Please create a bugreport on so we can track down this issue. Enable gdb debug area in kdebugdialog and post the console output in your report. –  Niko Sams Oct 15 '12 at 10:41

I just enabled the pretty printers in gdb and now also run into this problem. You can fix this by disabling the pretty printer. Check /etc/gdb/gdbinit/ and ~/.gdbinit. Then you can expand _matrix to see the std::map implementation variables. Though I doubt they would be very useful.

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