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I'm changing the centre area on a Scala Swing Border Panel. The old component disappears, but the new component does not appear, until I resize the window manually with the mouse. I've tried using different components and repainting, but nothing makes the new component appear except manually resizing the window with the mouse.

def splitDisp(mapCanv: VistaIn): Unit =
  val canv2 = newMapCanv         
  panel.layout(canv2) = BorderPanel.Position.Center
  thisScn.repaint //ref to the Frame instance

I'm using 2.10.0M5 in Windows 7.

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Try calling revalidate() and then repaint().

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Thanks. Revalidate on the BorderPanel seems sufficient, no need for repaint. I missed the revalidate because I looked in Frame which only has repaint. – Rich Oliver Aug 17 '12 at 19:18

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