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Are both SCJP 6 and OCJP 6 exams same? I am going to write OCJP 6 exam this month end but I am preparing SCJP 6 book by Kathy Seirra.

And for practice I am preparing Kathy seirra's "OCP Java SE 6 programmer study guide". is it ok?

I am confusing with this words "SCJP 6" , "OCJP 6", "OCP Java SE 6 Programmer". Are those same?

If same why these many different names?

Thank you in advance? please guide me .

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Yes, the question sets used for both exams are identical and the Sierra/Bates book is good preparation material. In order to prepare even better, I would advise to take some mock tests first. There is a large number of free ones on the net.

EDIT: as to the naming ambiguities - the certificate was issued by Sun Microsystems and called SCJP - Sun Certified Java Programmer. After Oracle acquired Sun in early 2010 (the agreement has been signed in 2009), the certificate has been officially renamed to Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer or OCPJP. Many people continue to call it SCJP though.

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Renamed SCJP to OCJP, isn't it? I don't think there are two exams now. – Nambari Aug 17 '12 at 19:32
@thinksteep You're right - there is no way to actually become a SCJP if you aren't one already :) – kostja Aug 17 '12 at 19:33
thank you @thinksteep – Raju Boddupalli Aug 18 '12 at 2:47

Different names because of "ownership" - used to be Sun Certified Java Programmer, now Oracle Certified Java Programmer.

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As of i know so far, the only one difference is that drap-and-drop type of questions are not available anymore in OCPJP exam verion

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Well SCJP6 and OCJP6 is basically the same exam. You cannot take the SJCP anymore as Oracle took over Sun and their exams.

The test changed a little bit. For the preperation I have seen lots of complete the code samples, which I haven't seen on the actual exam. They changed the testing provider from Prometric to PearsonVUE as well.

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