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Let's say I have this text:

something "something else"
something here "just another quoted block"

I want to substitute "something else" with "just another quoted block", so I do:

/quot<enter>   (to jump to second quoted block searching for the string "quot")
yi"            (to yank inner text for current quoted block)
?else<enter>   (to jump back to the first quoted block wich contains "else")
vi"            (to visually select the quoted block)
p              (to paste yanked text)

This works, but I would like to know if the two last steps can be replaced by a single one, to avoid visual mode. I know it's not a huge gain keystroke-wise, but I think that the Vim philosophy would encourage what I'm trying to do, and every time I do this my mind keeps asking for this command. :-P

What I tried so far:

r (replace) replaces just one character c (change) throws me into Insert mode and does not let me paste the text.

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Just curious, why do you want to avoid visual mode? It's actually the fastest in this case scenario. –  Conner Aug 17 '12 at 20:13
You don't have to be precise with i" and a": You can do yi" and vi" from the start of the line and it will act on the first quoted string in the line. –  glts Aug 17 '12 at 21:01

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Delete inside quotes to the blackhole register; paste last yanked before cursor.



Change inside quotes to retrieve last yank; leave insert mode.

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With my ReplaceWithRegister plugin, the last two steps would be gri". It also offers grr (replace current / [count] lines); though it only saves a little typing, I find this indispensable.

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Key stroke wise, j$yi"k then vi"p is actually probably the fastest. However, if you absolutely must go into insert mode you can j$yi"k then "_ci"<C-r>" or ci"<C-r>0. The :help i_CTRL-R operator allows you to put the contents of a register into insert mode.

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I usually try to keep it simple, using what I feel is more intuitive with every day commands:

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This is what I tried before, but the Change command yanks the contents of the quotes I want to replace, and the Paste command pastes the same string that was there before. Instead of ci" I found that I had to use vi" –  Sebastián Grignoli Sep 5 '12 at 2:49

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