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When using QtCreator, I display a qml file in the editor. The qml file is for a file named main.qml that is a plugin.

I then click on the Design button. It displays the error message: QML module not found.

If I take the Go to error link it goes to a line containing the following import com.name.os.app.all 1.0. This is the location of various component qml files needed by the plugin.

I have added the path c:\users\me\ui\viewer\ to my QML_IMPORT_PATH env variable. If QtCreater appends the com.name... from the qml file import statement to the pathname I added to QML_IMPORT_PATH, it would find the desired directory. It doesn't.

The project uses qmake.

I have tried using qmlplugindump.exe to generate a qmltypes file for my main qml view container file, but qmlplugindump.exe gives me an error saying the component is not ready and file::///c:/Users/name/ui/viewer/modules/app/qml/com/name/os/app/all/typelist.qml:2:1 module MyViewContainer.qml is not installed.

The command I used was qmlplugindump.exe MyViewContainer.qml 1.0 c:\users\myname\ui\viewer\modules\app\qml\com\name\os\app\all\ > ...

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Have you tested this plugin fully? I ask this because I have written a number of plugins and have run into this issue multiple times. Possible issues include the version of Qt you are using, and some form of naming error in the plugin uri / classname.

I have an app that I build for multiple versions of Qt and it seems that the qmlplugindump tool has different levels of effectiveness.

Sorry to be so general, but hopefully it points you in the right direction.

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From within QtCreator, do a "project-clean", and then rebuild. The module will be found.

I had the same problem and stumbled onto your question. After some effort, the "clean" and rebuild worked.

There seems to be an "incomplete-dependency-checking" during the build process to "understand" that the main.cpp needed to be rebuilt, which would then expose the qmlRegisterType<MyType>() so that it can be found within the main.qml.

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