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I am trying to write a simple C# password saver utility in MS Visual Studios. I have a listView in formA and I want to use formB to add a new item to the list.

FormB calls forceAdd which is a member of formA. forceAdd then updates the data set and attempts to refresh the listView by calling populateList().

The problem is that the listView does not reflect the changes until I call my populateList() function by a button or check box in formA.

For example, I can call populateList() 50 times in my code to no avail, but as soon as I call it from a button on formA it works.

(DieselPass = fromA, newForm = FormB, newForm::Save calls forceAdd, formA::new opens newForm)

(when i wire the formA::Edit... button up to populate and click it after save, the listView updates)

I'm a new user... this image explains it: http://i50.tinypic.com/wk6bys.jpg

    public void forceAdd(String a, String u, String p)
        accountsDataSet.tblAccounts.AddtblAccountsRow(a, u, p);

    private void populateList()
        //make sure data set is up to date
        //clear existing items
        for (int i = 0; i < accountsDataSet.tblAccounts.Count; i++)
            String[] wtf;
            if (maskPasswords)
                wtf = new string[] { accountsDataSet.tblAccounts[i].Account, accountsDataSet.tblAccounts[i].Username };
                wtf = new string[] { accountsDataSet.tblAccounts[i].Account, accountsDataSet.tblAccounts[i].Username, accountsDataSet.tblAccounts[i].Password };
            lvi = new ListViewItem(wtf);

Things I've already tried include:


Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

More Code:

FormA setting up reference in formB:

    myNewForm.getForm = this;

FormB's reference to formA:

    private mainForm myForm = new mainForm();
    public mainForm getForm
        get { return myForm; }
        set { myForm = value; }

FormB calling FormA's function:

    myForm.forceAdd(accountBox.Text.ToString(), usernameBox.Text.ToString(), passwordBox.Text.ToString());

Is this an instance where I need to do an "invoke/delegate" ?

Edit 2:

Sorry I wasn't clear enough, FormB calls FormA::populateList(), I put Console output in the function to confirm this, it successfully adds items to the data set but just wont refresh the list. Its like it knows that this is an outside form that just wont let it refresh.

I also made populateList public, didnt work

Visual studios wont let me call pupulateList() from (mainForm)this.Parent. even after caling myNewForm.ShowDialog(this); do I have to include something or pass it some other way?

my reference to formA through myForm works, just not with updating lists..?

Edit 3: This doesnt work either:

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include code in formB that is calling the function in formA –  codingbiz Aug 17 '12 at 22:09

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FormB will have to have a reference to the instance of FormA. You can pass this reference to FormB when the insert button is clicked:

in FormA

FormB PWDForm= new FormB();

Next on FormB you can access FormA like this:

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