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I am creating my first HTML based Adobe Air application and need it to launch from a webpage on load. I've set allowBrowserInvocation to true but every example I see is from a flash based Air application. If anyone can provide me with a very simple html page that has javascript to call a HTML based Air application that would be very helpful. Thanks.

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I think the short answer is, it can't be done.

As far as I'm aware launching Air applications from the browser is done via undocumented AS3 classes such as ProductManager and Air Browser API. I know that the Air Browser API relies on an external SWF and hence, I don't think you can interact with it using javascript (unless you can find some way of extending the SWF and using ExternalInterface to register a callback?)

The fact they are undocumented means there isn't much resource out there. But there is still some:

Installing and running an AIR applications from a web page

Example usage of ProductManager

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