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I'm new to Matlab and I have a function and I need to display a variable from running the main file (but the main file does access the function)...

I have tried to use fprintf(n);

Thanks :)

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This is not very clear - can you give more details? –  mathematician1975 Aug 17 '12 at 22:58
@mathematician1975 His question is clear, I am worried about how you interpret questions :/ He needs to display a variable(which has been set) in the console. –  Karl Morrison Nov 19 at 21:58
@KarlMorrison I find it unclear but of course you are entitled to your opinion. What do you hope to achieve though by commenting on a comment to a question that has an answer that was accepted over 2 years ago? –  mathematician1975 Nov 19 at 22:59
@mathematician1975 Trying to help you become a better person of course! Try and see things from a beginners perspective and not an elitists perspective, not ruling you out as an elitist but a lot of people (especially from the mathematics community) always need perfectly formulated questions, a dangerous requirement which leads to discouragement. And individuals ask why people hate math for example! –  Karl Morrison Nov 20 at 11:05

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MATLAB function fprintf() is very similar to fprintf() in C. If your variable n is an integer, then you should do

fprintf('%d\n', n);

An interesting feature is that you can also print multiple numeric values and literal text to the screen. For example

A1 = [9.9, 9900];
A2 = [8.8,  7.7 ; ...
      8800, 7700];
fprintf('X is %4.2f meters or %8.3f mm\n', A1, A2);

where %4.2f takes the element at the first column of A1 and %8.3f takes the second. In the sequence, it repeats for A2 printing its first line and later its second line. The output is

X is 9.90 meters or 9900.000 mm
X is 8.80 meters or 8800.000 mm
X is 7.70 meters or 7700.000 mm

If you want more details about the specifiers you can use with fprintf(), you should give a look at the MathWorks docs.

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You could also use disp() –  Astrinus May 20 at 8:27

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