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I'm still getting familiar with the locking for multithreading.


    ///do work


What and where should obj be declared? I am declaring it in the constructor of the class Locator,

    System::Object^ obj = gcnew System::Object();

and declaring obj in private variables of the class

    System::Object^ obj;

but it's giving me an error after Monitor::Enter(obj) saying

Value cannot be null.

Any tips are appreciated.

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Your constructor should be:

: obj(gcnew System::Object())
{  }

What you're doing is creating a new local variable which goes out of scope immediately, taking the object it's tracking right with it to an early grave. What you meant to do is initialize the member variable instead. In your case, the member variable was left null all along, causing the error you observed.

(Since I don't know CLI that well, it might be that you're not allowed to initialize tracked references in the constructor initalizer list. In that case, write it like this:)

Locator() { obj = gcnew System::Object(); }
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