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I needed to get values out of a string in a QueryString format, that is such as: data1=value1&data2=value2...

Someone suggested I used HttpUtility.ParseQueryString to get the value, I've searched and searched but I can't find any documentation or implementation of this and the Microsoft documentation for it doesn't explain how it works, can someone tell me hwat I'm doing wrong, my code is below;

Public Shared Sub ProcessString(ByVal Vstring As String)
    Dim var As NameValueCollection = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(Vstring)
    Dim vname As String = var.QueryString("VNAME")
End Sub
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MSDN has an example.

' Parse the query string variables into a NameValueCollection.
Dim qscoll As System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection = HttpUtility.ParseQueryString(Vstring)
Dim vname As String = qscoll("VNAME")

A NameValueCollection represents a collection of associated String keys and String values that can be accessed either with the key or with the index.

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problem is NameValueCollection keeps coming up as not a valid data type do you know how I can fix this? –  user1044220 Aug 17 '12 at 23:44
@user1044220: Edited my answer to provide the full path to the class. You need to add Imports System.Collections.Specialized or use the fully qualified name as in my answer. –  Tim Schmelter Aug 17 '12 at 23:46
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I found the problem, I was referencing everything fine but I was doing it in a separate .VB dependency file, once I did it on the actual code behind of the aspx form that solved the problem and it all worked. So now I'm just passing the string from Codebehind as a specialised.NameValue collection in to the function.

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