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Can I create a Code line like this one in MVC 3

<%=Html.CustomHtmlTag(r => r.Add("One"), r.Add("Two")...).Render()%>

I try to find and example but all the code was for (r => r.Add("One"))

Thanks a lot for any help.

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You can write complete functions with lambdas by simply putting braces.

r =>
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The answer provided by @VoidStar is correct if you get suck here is a more detailed example.

MVC Code

@Html.CustomHtmlTag(Model, x => { 


public class MyModel
    private readonly IList<string> _values = new List<string>();

    public void Add(string value)

    public string ValuesToString()
        return string.Join(",", _values);

HTML helper

public static class MyMvcHelpers
    public static IMyClass CustomHtmlTag(this HtmlHelper helper, MyModel viewModel, Action<MyModel> action)

        var expressionResult = viewModel.ValuesToString();

        return new MyClass(expressionResult);

Render class

public interface IMyClass
    MvcHtmlString Render();

public class MyClass : IMyClass
    private readonly string _value;

    public MyClass(string value)
        _value = value;

    public MvcHtmlString Render()
        return new MvcHtmlString(string.Concat("<h1>", _value, "</h1>"));


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