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I need to validate a textarea with jquery validate. I'm looking for regex to check multiple quoted strings separated by a whitespace and longer more than 5 chars.. :

"quoted text.." "some other quoted text" "another quoted string" = good

"quoted text.." "" "another quoted string" = not good

"quoted text.." "abcd" "another quoted string" = not good

The following checks only the first quoted text ... ("quoted string longer than 5" "" --> this passes but it shouldn't)

   $.validator.addMethod("coll_regex", function(value, element) { 
   return this.optional(element) || /"(.*?)"/.test(value); 
    }, "Message here......");

        required: true,
        minlength: 5,
        maxlength: 200,
        coll_regex: true
        required: "Textarea is empty...",
        minlength: "Length must be, at least, 5 characters..",
        maxlength: "You exceeded the max_length !",
        coll_regex: "Use the quotes...."
    errorPlacement: function(error, element) {

is there a regex that does this ??? Would be great ... Thank you

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The regex you're looking for is /^("[^\".]{5,}" )*"[^\".]{5,}"$/

'"abcdefg" "abcdefg" "01324"'.match(/^("[^\".]{5,}" )*"[^\".]{5,}"$/)  //--> true
'"abcdefg" "123" "01324"'.match(/^("[^\".]{5,}" )*"[^\".]{5,}"$/)  //--> false
'"abcdefg" "" "01324"'.match(/^("[^\".]{5,}" )*"[^\".]{5,}"$/)  //--> false


This one is more precise: /^("[^\".]{5,}"\s+)*"[^\".]{5,}"$/ It allows any whitespace between groups, not only a single space.

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very good.. it works... however is there a way to have control on the max length (200) too in your regex?.. i think i will probably delete the maxlength method for my textarea validation 'cause it acts on the global length... i appreciate thank you! – lollo Aug 18 '12 at 0:49
Sure! just add your value vor maxLength right behind the {5,. It reads like {min,max}. so it is /^("[^\".]{5,200}" )*"[^\".]{5,200}"$/ – LeJared Aug 18 '12 at 0:53

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