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I will like to remove some fields from the present order form in opencart. Can someone guide me on where is the path for the file(s)? Please?

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Do you mean during checkout or the email sent when a order is confirmed?

Else, go to the page you want and look at the route path in the url


This will usually tell you the name of the file where one will be located in catalog/view, catalog/model, catalog/controller, catalog/english.

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I wanted to take away the "Estimated shipping" text right before checkout and also in the checkout page, I wanted to remove Zone and City. I tried to remove from some pages and ended up messed up my whole site. Took me a day to get it up again hence I hope I can have someone to guide me on how to do it... Help is much appreciated!! –  nikito Aug 23 '12 at 7:50

if the question is related to "Estimate Shipping & Taxes" option in shopping cart, you can disable in Admin->Extension->order Totals->Taxes->Edit->Disable

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Thanks for your prompt reply! I wanted to remove cities and zones and will like the country to set as a default, meaning a textbox that is disabled but with the designated country name in it. Can this be done? –  nikito Aug 29 '12 at 15:28

Managing Countries and Zones in OpenCart

Admin->Extensions->Order Totals->Taxes->Edit->Disable
Admin->System->Localisation->GEO Zones

Editing the templates to hide and manage zones in OpenCart

Two ways you can do this, complete re-code of the order system or minor hidden hacks.


(near line 51, or find <select name="country_id" class="large-field" onchange="$('#<?php echo $type; ?>-address select[name=\'zone_id\']').load('index.php?route=checkout/address/zone&country_id=' + this.value);">

You can either change the code to a manual code set:

<select name="country_id" class="large-field" onchange="$('#<?php echo $type; ?>-address select[name=\'zone_id\']').load('index.php?route=checkout/address/zone&country_id=' + this.value);">
    <option value=""><?php echo $text_select; ?></option>
    <?php foreach ($countries as $country) { ?>
            <option value="<?php echo $country['country_id']; ?>"><?php echo $country['name']; ?></option>
    <?php } ?>

Apply country only Ids. See the Database tables for the correct Id, UK example is 222

<select name="country_id" class="large-field" onchange="$('#<?php echo $type; ?>-address select[name=\'zone_id\']').load('index.php?route=checkout/address/zone&country_id=' + this.value);">
    <option value=""><?php echo $text_select; ?></option>
    <?php foreach ($countries as $country) { ?>
        <?php if ($country['country_id'] == "222") { ?>
            <option value="<?php echo $country['country_id']; ?>" selected="selected"><?php echo $country['name']; ?></option>
        <?php } else { ?>
            <option value="<?php echo $country['country_id']; ?>"><?php echo $country['name']; ?></option>
        <?php } ?>
    <?php } ?>

Note you would also need to change or turn off the jQuery at the bottom to turn off zone feature. Or change the .load() function within the select element.

You could replace the line all together with something like this:

        <span class="required">*</span> <?php echo $entry_country; ?></td>
        <?php ShowCountryCustomCode() ?>

You can then open catalog->controller->checkout->address.php

And then at the bottom of the code after the last } create a new function called ShowCountryCustomCode()

This function merely just loads all countries from the database but you can even put if else between the loops.

// Show the country Ajax Dropdown with county options 
function ShowCountryCustomCode(){
    // countryId and zoneID
    echo '
        <select name="country_id2" id="dCountry" onchange="zoneInsertBilling(this.value)">
            <option value=""> --- Please Select --- </option>';
            $loadCountry=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `country` ORDER BY `country`.`country_id` ASC");
            // Load all the current country listings in the option dropdowns
                echo '<option value="'.$row['country_id'].'">'.$row['name'].'</option>';
            echo '
        <div class="form">County:</div><div class="form"><select name="zone_id2" id="dCounty"></select></div>';


All OpenCart is MVC, so the .tpl files use Dreamweaver CS6/5 or another good code and SFTP manager to find between files, you can then edit the .tpl files and then look at the relevant .php files in the controller. Use the latest version of OpenCart - use the demo on their website and use the checkout - use Firebug and note how the system flow works. Extensions are out their to modify the templates and method of checkout and you can do the same with these using Firebug or an alternate front end tool.

Best practice is to remain in the MVC and do less hacks as possible to keep the software stable and work within in. OC unlike Magento is less constrained and does not punish as much.


How to add an admin page? How to add new module to opencart administration?





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