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Recently, in attempting to import a module I'd written, I have been coming across errors that ostensibly should not happen. Here is the idea, I'm writing in my main.py file, and my hierarchy looks like this:


the __ init __.py file in parser/ is empty, but when I try, in my program, to:

import parser

it returns an AttributeError. This happens when I call the function inside of parse.py, called getstar(). or

from parser import parse

it returns an ImportError.

So my Python doesn't recognize that parse.py exists? I have done a bit of research, and having an __ init __.py file that's empty should do the trick, but I'm stumped.

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The AttributeError is because modules in a package aren't attributes of the package -- you have to import them yourself. –  katrielalex Aug 18 '12 at 1:43
You could always do a brute-force import like: import sys sys.path.append('parser') import parser –  mjgpy3 Aug 18 '12 at 2:20
You could be more precise as to what are the error messages returned (and not just their type)? –  Thomas Orozco Aug 18 '12 at 10:36
@mjgpy3 - super hacky dude. Even for python =) –  Zvi Aug 18 '12 at 10:46

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parser is a name of a build-in module in python. when you write

import parser

You import the built-in module. Since that module does not contain the getstar() function or a parse module, you get either AttributeError or ImportError

Try changing the name of the "parser" directory to anything else and it should work. The empty init.py file is not needed

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Worked! Thank you, I was beating my head against a wall trying to figure out what was wrong. Would anyone happen to know if there's a list of do's and don't's for naming modules in Python? –  Nick Taber Aug 18 '12 at 23:20

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