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This might be a bad question for SO, but I don't know where else to look.

I have an application that parses /proc/binder/stats for binder-related statistics. This file is present on my emulator, but not on a rooted Nexus S phone flashed with a full_crespo-eng build.

I feel like this is an inadequate question, but the information that I've given encompasses about all I've tried. I can't find much info elsewhere on people having problem reading this file on devices. I also don't see any options to enable this throughout the developer options on the device. Where else can I look and learn more about this?

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The emulator I was using (with the same build) is using kernel version 2.6.29 while my phone had 3.0.31. On a normal (full_crespo-user) build, I used adb shell ls -R / | grep binder to find binder-related files and directories and found the /sys/kernel/debug/binder/ directory, which had the stats file I want.

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