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Could anyone tell me how to add a custom email variable to a shopify order notification?

For example, by default the order notification already contains the following:

  Shipping address
    {{ }}
    {{ shipping_address.street }}
    {{ }}, {{ shipping_address.province }}  {{ }}
    {{ }}{% endif %}

These variables then translate into the actual shipping address of the customer in particular. Now I want to add a line of information from a third party source into this order notification, how would I go about this? I need a license key put in the Shopify order notification e-mail but this license key comes from a service outside of Shopify, is there any way I could make this happen one way or another?

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It is easy if you connect an App to your shop. You could then use the App to listen for orders via a Shopify Webhook. When you accept an order you can then trigger the code to generate or get a license key, and then just send an email to the customer with the license key and any other info you need to provide. This is a simple pattern to create.

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It’s not possible for Shopify to fetch the data from your external service while it puts together the email to send to the buyer, but you can use an orders/paid webhook to send the license key separately from your own server.

Edward, Shopify Developer Advocate

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