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How can I convert this list of strings to comma separated value enclosed within quotes without any escape characters?

{"apple", "berry", "cherry"} => well, ""apple", "berry", "cherry""
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This is now completely useless. –  Aesthete Aug 18 '12 at 4:03
What language is this? C#? Javascript, C++? –  Cole Johnson Aug 18 '12 at 5:18

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If I understood you correctly,

"\"" + String.Join("\", \"", new string[]{"apple","berry","cherry"}) + "\"";

or, alternatively,

String.Format("\"{0}\"", String.Join("\", \"", new string[] {"apple","berry","cherry"}));

Read more on System.String.Join(...).

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Hope this will do the job

var ar = new []{ "apple", "berry", "cherry" };
var separator = "\",\"";
var enclosingTag = "\"";
Console.WriteLine ( enclosingTag + String.Join(separator, ar) + enclosingTag );
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If you are using C#:

using System;
string[] arr = new string[] { "apple", "berry", "cherry" };
string sep = "\",\"";
string enclosure = "\"";
string result = enclosure + String.Join(sep, arr) + enclosure;
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