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I have the following routes defined:

  resources :scenes do
    member do
      match 'files' => 'scenes#files', via: :get, as: 'scene_files'

I'd like to be able to refer to the nested route as scene_files_path, but Rails insists on adding an extra scene to the path so what I end up with is scene_files_scene_path. How can I get the named route I am looking for?

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I started to simplify your member block with

resources :scenes do
  get :files, :as => :scene_files, :on => :member

then I stumbled upon

resources :scenes do
  get :files

which produces:

> rake routes
  scene_files GET       /scenes/:scene_id/files(.:format)     scenes#files
       scenes GET       /scenes(.:format)                     scenes#index
             POST       /scenes(.:format)                     scenes#create
    new_scene GET       /scenes/new(.:format)                 scenes#new
   edit_scene GET       /scenes/:id/edit(.:format)            scenes#edit
        scene GET       /scenes/:id(.:format)                 scenes#show
              PUT       /scenes/:id(.:format)                 scenes#update
           DELETE       /scenes/:id(.:format)                 scenes#destroy

only one problem, the param key is :scene_id instead of :id

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I guess having :scene_id is OK. Is there a more verbose way of writing the route that would give the desired name and use :id? –  UIAdam Aug 18 '12 at 5:17
Not that I know of. –  Kyle Aug 18 '12 at 5:26

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