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I am using suds to access an API using Python. I have suds working correctly, building the envelope using client.factory.create().

I just found out from the developers of this other API that the WSDL is incomplete, and missing a half dozen required fields.

Is there any way to add the fields to the object after I create it with client.factory.create? Or do I have to scrap the WSDL and do it all by hand?

(I know the proper thing would be for them to fix the WSDL, but I don't have any control over that).

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It shouldn't be a problem to add additional fields to an object that is created using factory.create()

obj = client.factory.create('ns1:object')
obj.newField = 'value'

The obj should now have all the fields from the WSDL, and the newField.

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I swear I tried exactly that, and kept getting a TypeError. I just tried it again though, and it worked perfectly, so it was most likely some other mistake I made. Thanks! – Dan Lawson Aug 19 '12 at 21:25

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